. between (non) places

Immigrants and their children must often adapt their identity to fit a new environment. With video projection, editorial content, and a short film, AIDA, working in unison, this installation attempts to recreate the sensation of existing among multiple cultural identities.

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editorial (1/2)
Using an ethnographic lens, this undergraduate thesis focuses on cross-cultural code switching, or the act of intentionally modifying one’s behavior in a foreign setting to accommodate cultural standards. The internal clash of character that results from attuning one’s identity and mannerisms to those around you can produce a feeling of disorientation and instability of the self. 

editorial (2/2)
In reference to Marc Augé’s concept of the non-place, or spaces of transience where anonymity reigns and singular selves and relations cannot live, the state of existing between two identities becomes a non-place in itself.

newsprint takeaway
In addition to the participatory wall which posed the question,
When was the last time you adapted your behavior to a foreign environment?

I produced a series of double-side newsprint posters with an excerpt from Andrew Molinsky's "The Psychological Challenges of Adapting Behavior in Foreign Cultural Interactions." With a custom photo print on the reverse, these takeaways offered viewers some greater context about the research on this topic to be enjoyed outside of the exhibition space.

© eva vidan 2022.
© eva vidan 2022.