︎ spring 2019

Immigrants and their children must often adapt their identity to fit a new environment. With video projection, editorial content, and a short film titled AIDA working in unison, this installation attempts to recreate the sensation of existing among multiple cultural identities.

art publication
︎ 2017–

Charcoal is a print publication dedicated to celebrating student artists of color and their stories. Charcoal explores the intersections of identity and art through reader submissions and original content for young POC creatives.

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︎ fall 2018

As new designers with access to an overload of inspiration, We Forgot About This explores the realities of an endless demand for content through the literal act of making. Using the wood shop’s discarded scraps, painter’s tape, tiled posters, and misprints from a conveniently broken-down printer, we poked fun at the challenges of the design process when materials and time are scarce.

branding & collateral
︎ 2017–

As a graphic designer for the MIT List Visual Arts Center, I produce collateral materials for exhibitions including posters, banners, tote bags, and screen-based deliverables.

streets & travel
︎ 2015–

Images taken from the streets of Naples to make-shift studios in Boston, this collection features experimental works, photographs of the every day, and editorial portraits.

© eva vidan
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