BETWEEN NON-PLACESdesign thesis / installation, video, print (2019).

Immigrants and their children must often adapt their identities to accommodate new environments. Not only is this a vehicle for survival, it always demands one of the two selves be repressed. With still versus moving image working simultaneously, this thesis examines the experience of existing in the in-between through a visual language.

Using an ethnographic lens, I propose a series of screen-based projections and videos that attempt to visualize this liminality, or the feeling of ambiguity and disorientation of shifting between multicultural identities. This sensation of standing at the “threshold” of two different communities creates an internal discord, one that consequently creates an unstable sense of self. I am curious about the graphic and photographic potential behind removing such stability and one is forced to exist in a state of in-between — a non-place, or one in constant flux.

Drawing from Marc Augé’s neologism, Between Non-Places attempts to house the sensation of existing among multiple cultural identities in a transitory installation space.

Click here for the full installation video.